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FatCow reviews on hosting plans

Hosting plans act as a guide to a customer who is looking for the best deal in terms of quality service and price. Majority of the hosting plans that are made available to clients are presented in a way that they meet different needs of that they might be looking for. FatCow reviews highlight the various hosting plans that are available to customers from the website. The most common hosting plan available to users on FatCow is the one that offers them unlimited access to a variety of features. Some of these features include unlimited bandwidth, domain painting, disc space as well as e-mail accounts. The hosting package also provides domain names and script barn such as Joomla, Wordpress at no fee.

The pricing of the hosting plans is also another aspect that is highlighted by many of the reviews on FatCow. The longer the term of engagement the greater the benefits in terms of the fee charged to the client, thereby making it quite advantageous to sign up for a minimum of a year on FatCow. Some of the services offered to customers on the long term hosting plan include customer support, e-mail, marketing tools, and available applications among others. The overall package offered by the plan results in an online presence that is effective for businesses as well as websites that have been set up for personal use.

In addition to the benefits that customers have access to because of the signing up on the website hosting company, they are able to get their money back in case they are dissatisfied with the service that they have been offered. This guarantee is only viable within the first thirty days to give the customer a chance to test the services offered and make an informed decision on the same.